Ultimate Journey CBD Muscle Cream:

 UJ CBD (500 mg) Muscle Cream-

> UJ's  CBD Muscle Cream contains 500 mg of CBD but zero mg THC.

> CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug that helps reduce the body's immune system reaction to viruses & bacteria that can produce serious side effects from infections.

> CBD is a calming drug that reduces anxiety & stress and can lessen the anxious effects of THC while inducing a relaxing state for several hours.

> CBD helps lessen pain without causing any kind of addiction.

> Ultimate Journey CBD  Muscle Cream is an effective way to get near 100% absorption directly into the treatment areas of the body where it can most benefit patients.

> Many hemp oil creams are sold with misleading advertising that creates the impression of large amounts of active ingredients. These creams usually contain hemp oil but little or none of the anti-inflammatory drug CBD. Hemp oil is an extract of the seeds/leaves/stalks of the cannabis plant which is a dietary supplement but ineffective as an anti-inflammatory drug.

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