Certificates of Analysis/ 25mg-gummies


Ultimate Journey CBD Gummies

UJ (25 mg) gummies-bottle    UJ (25 mg) gummies-7 pack

> Broad Spectrum gummies contain 25 mg of CBD/each with other beneficial cannabinoids, but zero THC.

> CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug that helps reduce the body's immune system reaction to viruses & bacteria that can produce serious side effects from infections.

> CBD is a calming drug that reduces anxiety & stress and can lessen the anxious effects of THC while inducing a relaxing state for several hours.

> CBD helps lessen pain without causing any kind of addiction.

> Ultimate Journey CBD Gummies are a tasty and easy way to ingest CBD, an especially good way for the young and the old to take this effective medicine.

> CBD Health info page with important web-links. ( CBD Health Links )


Our lab analysis report follows coa-gummies-25mg-potency.jpg