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Scientific research into the effects of CBD on animals is very limited but we have links to some of these studies below. In addition here is a link to our CBD Health page with many links to studies on humans, some of which may apply to animals as well. 

(CBD Health Links )

The FDA explicitly bans CBD manufacturers from making health claims about their brands. So we cannot make any claims about the medical benefits of giving your pet CBD products. Instead we will give you a list of reasons that people buy CBD products for pets and links to available scientific studies that you may review to reach your own conclusions.

>Anxiety/Stress (41%)

>Seizures (15%)

>Skin Infections/Irritations  (21%)

>Arthritis (38%)

>Back/Joint Pain (48%)

>Cancer (15%)

>Appetite Stimulation (11%)

>Gastrointestinal Issues (17%)

>Health & Wellness supplementation (32%)


Usage/Dosage: In the studies that we reviewed a dosage of about 2.5 mg/ per lb of animal weight given every 12 hrs was used. Tinctures can be administered directly into the animals mouth, into their water bowl, or put into wet/dry food.


Certificates of Analysis

COA- Pet Tincture- Seafood Flavor (125 mg)

COA- Pet Tincture- Chicken Flavor (250 mg)

COA- Pet Tincture- Beef Flavor (500 mg)



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