About Us



Hello friends! We are "The Vaporum" and our beginnings were in the cannabis/hemp industry in Atlanta Georgia and leading to our return to our roots in east Tennessee where we had a vape shop for several years prior to our moving & consolidating these businesses online at TheVaporum.com . We are a family oriented company that has strong beliefs about the healing properties in herbs, supplements, and alternative medicine. In particular we are strongly supportive of cannabis based medicine. We are building a comprehensive line of alternative health products that are in great demand in the present time of spreading disease and unhealthy lifestyles. We aim to alleviate these issues with our line of health products and promise you the best that we can find of all of these. Our motto is " Medicine to the People" and we are committed to delivering to you. Our thanks to our staff Michael, JoAnne, Mark, Jasmine, Artemis, Ian and Haley.