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E-juice or e-liquid can be a many splendored thing.  And there is so much of it out there!  So many new flavors and so many new lines coming out all the time and not all brands come in all nicotine strengths. Here at the Vaporum we have tasted a lot of flavors.  And we have learned…everyone likes a different juice!  Some of us try to be healthy and vape a lot of fruit, some go right to the dessert tray, one or two are vaping the drinks, while others are all about the after dinner mint!  We carry favorite juice brands and flavor lines in Chubby Bubble, Aeon, Liquid Gold, Cosmic Fog, Crumbs, Boosted and the 100%VG line –Kind Juice!and many others! Our blends wide and varied as are our nicotine strengths. We make sure to carry some juice lines that are higher nicotine so everyone has flavors to choose from!  Here is a small visual sample of what we have in our Juice Bar. New flavors and lines are constantly being stocked.  Come in, try them out and tell us what you like.

Our Spring lines are arriving




In Big Yellow bottles the Prophet Premium Blend E-juice Company delivers its two newest creations:

The Alchemist – a pineapple starburst candy sweet and sour  and The Pheonix – a juice watermelon grape twist

Summer is coming!

Tastiness in Big Bottles !

big bottles

More Juice Please!  We hear that alot around here and we want to reassure you that we have it!  Big Bottles and even Bigger Bottles!  They are Yuge!  In the best flavors – All the best flavors! You can take my word for it or you can come check it out!

Kind Juice Nectars!
100% VG!
Welcome to the future of conscious vaping! All of the Kind Juice lines are made with 100% VG for the PG sensitive among us.  Masterfully crafted in Florida,  this is one of the 1st e-juice lines to be made completely sustainably, all natural and vegan. With Several Award winning flavors, Kind Juice is also: cruelty free, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and GMO free!  Superb flavor combined with so much goodness!



Juice Flavor Regulars

 – favorites that we keep up with and endorse as truly delicious!

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